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Mon - Fri: 08:00 am - 05:00 pm

We cater for every taste-bud, and our products are ready to sell like hot cakes.

We supply a substantial range of bakery products including white, wholemeal, multi-grain, hi-fibre white & wholemeal, rye, soy & linseed, fruit loaf, crumpets, english muffins, bread rolls and pita bread. Our packaging has been applauded by expert packaging sites as some of the most stunning bread packaging in the world.

Featuring JOHN DAVIES 1st generation baker.

High Top Loaves

650g Square Tin Loaves

Featuring FRED DAVIES 2nd generation baker.
Featuring EMILIE DAVIES 1st generation baker.

700g Square Tin Loaves

Hotdog & Hamburger Rolls

Featuring GLENDA DAVIES 4th generation baker &
MICHELE DAVIES 5th generation baker.
Featuring ROB DAVIES 4th generation baker &
LLOYD DAVIES 3rd generation baker.

Other Goodies